For you

Hold onto me when things get rough,
I know you need a hug even though you are tough.
Things did not turn out very well,
I know you want to cry even though you won’t tell.

You might hate the world for tonight,
I hope you know that you will always shine bright.
It’s true that things can get messy,
Forgive yourself and stop saying you’re sorry.

World is a really cruel place,
But we can always take a break with this phase.
Hold my hand, rest for a moment,
I’m with you ’til you know what all of these meant.


To the person I like from a far

To the person I like from a far,

I’ll write all the words I know just for you,
as long as you stay there in front of my view.
Seeing you standing there is a pure bliss,
a beautiful sight I don’t want to miss.

I would like to start a conversation,
and I hope you understand my actions.
My eyes that are way too obvious to read,
my feelings that make it too hard to breathe.

To the person I like from a far,

Sure, you are every person’s cup of tea,
one I can live with even at eighty.
You caught my attention from a distance,
but this time I know I don’t have a chance.

You are meant for something that’s bigger,
and I am meant for someone who’s nearer.
If I forget these lines I wrote today,
I wish you love and happiness someday.

To the person I liked from a far,
you’re meant to be there, far, just like the stars.